Hey there, I'm Amy.

A once 6 lbs 13 oz preemie baby, Peanut was the first nickname given to me by my parents that I identified with.

I grew up in a mid-size house in the woods with trails my dad carved out himself for us to play in. The white trail was more challenging than the blue, and the green was the entrance. There was an old rattan sofa that lived at the junction of the three trails and I wish I knew then how much I would love it now. I was raised as a Girl Scout with my Mom as our Leader, learning to camp, build fires, and to be cool with bugs (except spiders, definite no). My family never “had it all,” but it was all I ever needed.

At the age of 7, I started art classes. I would draw silly objects like stuffed animals, landscapes, houses, and dolls. The portfolio today makes me giggle, but so do most things. If you’ve met me, you understand.

I'm a nerd, yet also was the AP/Honors student that never actually took an AP Exam and had mediocre SAT scores. Regardless, I like numbers and problem solving. Knowing that, along with having an overactive imagination, I try to harness these qualities into my profession as an Architect. It truly never gets old to see something once in your mind, end up on paper, and become a physical structure. The process will forever fascinate me.

I am an overachiever and a perfectionist, but sometimes still struggle with believing I am not quite good enough. If there is one thing that I am sure of now more than ever though, it is the woman I am growing into and the strength I continue to gain. I have never been more grateful for my family and friends and the fortunate ability to travel, for that’s where I’ve learned the most about myself. 

Cherish your loved ones and get exploring. 

Happy Trails